As a Doctor of Optometry, your wealth advisory needs are unique. That’s why we focus on providing you with the solutions only a truly independent advisory office can offer. It’s not just financial planning—it’s life planning.

As a practicing optometrist for 17 years, our founder Roxanne Arnal, has lived your fears and learned what only life experience can bring. We believe you deserve to have the best life you can, preserve and grow your wealth, ensure your income is protected, and decrease the stresses caused by financial worries.  You deserve to not only live, but thrive! 

Financial planning and wealth management ensure your family and business are taken care of. C3 Wealth Advisors provides straightforward, honest financial advice tailored to you and designed to help you achieve your goals.

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Business Transitions: Setting Your Optometry Business Marriage up for Success

Whether your optometry practice is brand new or has been established for a while, we can help. One key activity is to ensure that the partners in your practice are on the same page.

Optometrist business partnerships are common and there are many versions – cost sharing, shareholders, partnerships — as many variations as there are doctors. These relationships are as important as marriages, but we usually don’t love our business partners in the same way as we love our marriage partners. Rarely do we see the complete and open communication between business partners that we have with our marital partners.


Our job is to ensure that we review all expectations and assumptions that every partner brings into the ‘business marriage.’ We discuss numerous factors around “what if?” and “when?”

What are the rules of the game? What if one partner gets disabled? What if that’s you? What happens in the event of a premature death? What happens when you have different management styles and desires? Or, what if one of you retires or transitions out of the business – especially if it’s sooner than you thought?

By having these tough conversations in the honeymoon phase, we tend to answer in a more rational and fair way than if we have waited to address the issue during crisis – when emotions are far less regulated. Regardless of where you are in the business cycle, these discussions help to ensure that you enjoy where you spend most of your waking hours! 

Tough conversations. Deep thoughts. Mediation. Rules set. Let’s ensure your business marriage is built on a solid footing so that you can reap the fruits of success – together.

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Setting Up Your Business Marriage for Success.

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