A common misconception is that financial planning is the placement of your money into investments, but it is so much more. Let us explain.

Wealth to us means more than just money. People are wealthy not just when their bank accounts show healthy balances, but also when they are surrounded by people they love and who love them, when they have fulfilling work, and when they are living their life’s purpose. This type of holistic wealth is something we should strive for regardless of our personal position on money.

C3 Wealth Advisors takes a holistic approach to your financial planning. As your personal CFO, we review all aspects of your financial life, because you and your business are one and the same. You might be two different tax entities, but ultimately, this creates additional planning opportunities.

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Introducing the C3© Process to Financial Planning

All successful financial planning is goal oriented. It’s hard to plan something if we have no idea where you want to go. As a result, we’ve developed the C3© Process to take you through the stages of financial planning that will ultimately lead you to a place of peace, power and success.

The C3© Process will move you from uncertainty and apprehension to anticipation and excitement. It places your goals and needs at the forefront of our work together. Providing you with financial Clarity is just the beginning of your journey to Confidence and Control in your financial affairs.

Steps in Our Financial Planning Process

Like a good eye exam, we start with a case history. Clarity is essential for us to develop a clear picture of what you are trying to achieve, what is truly important to you, and who depends on you. Your why is critical to determining your how. This forms the framework to building a successful plan.

Next, we need to gather information by performing tests and getting clear images. In Confidence, we will gather all your financial documents so we can develop a thorough understanding of where you currently are. We will also develop a schedule of priorities so that we can focus on what is truly critical to you right now. We work together to build confidence in your plan.

In Control we begin the process of diagnosis and treatment. What’s working and what isn’t. Where are your opportunities and challenges? Control is a lifelong process. Over the years of working together, you will experience many life changes and your goals will evolve. We are here to help guide you along the way so that you are confident that the financial decisions you are making today, and their impact on your future goals, are taking you to a place of Peace, Power and Success.

That’s what we call Empowering!

Financial Planning Process: Value Proposition

Financial planning is the process of using financial assets to achieve life goals. It’s the link between the financial resources you have and the life you wish to lead. There are several aspects of the process to know:

The Planning Process


The financial planning process will:

  • Help you to clarify your financial goals & vision for your future.
  • Allow us to understand your views and values concerning money.
  • Provide us with a deeper understanding of your financial situation.
  • Identify who else is affected by your financial decision.

Completed Plan


A completed financial plan will:

  • Link your financial vision for the future to specific & actionable recommendations that will allow you to get there.
  • Tie your goals to your resources.
  • Aid us in providing you with the appropriate direction to both support & challenge you towards achieving your goals.
  • Provide you with a measurement tool to gauge the progress you make towards your financial vision.
  • Help you to formalize a strategy for creating a legacy.
  • Help you understand the financial consequences of the life decisions that you make.
  • Help you understand how to protect yourself & your family financially from the life changes that happen in the future.
  • Address personalized strategies for income tax reduction.
  • Need to be updated to reflect life changes & challenges.

Your Commitment


Your commitment to the financial planning process requires you to:

  • Be willing to make changes to achieve your goals.
  • Provide us with the information & supporting documentation requested in the financial planning package.
  • Engage in the process by keeping scheduled appointments & responding promptly to requests for information.
  • Inform us when you experience a change in your circumstances that will have a bearing on your financial plan.

Our Commitment


Our commitment to the financial planning process requires that:

  • We continuously evaluate and re-evaluate where you are financially & what changes or challenges you might expect in the future.

Helping You is Our Passion

Your needs as a business professional are unique and that is why we focus on providing you with solutions customized for you—a truly unmatched feature of dealing with an independent advisory office. Our passion lies in helping you avoid mistakes and eliminate regret while ensuring you know what questions to ask and understand the impacts of your decisions.

Asking for help and knowing who to turn to for best advice is one of the smartest decisions you can make. At C3 Wealth Advisors, we look forward to helping you with your financial planning so you can achieve all of your dreams.

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