It’s really what makes a life enjoyable and valuable. Although we can’t help you build your family, we can help you with financing extracurricular activities and post-secondary education.

Looking to create your dream practice? That’s a wealth strategy that comes with a price tag and, if managed well, should create a very positive return on investment (ROI) for you.

Want to make mission trips a regular part of your year? We can help you understand the tax planning benefit this can provide.

Experiencing the awareness of the world when a child sees it for the first time – well that’s priceless.

Truly understanding what is important to you is the key.

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Our Wealth Management Process

As part of our wealth management process, we start by ensuring we understand what you hold near and dear to your heart. Creating your personalized Investment Policy Statement provides the framework that will be used to guide your investment portfolio. Understanding your emotional capacity to handle market fluctuations in the value of your investments is vital to managing the emotional rollercoaster that the money management game can bring.

Risk is both this emotional dimension of investing, but also encompasses financial risk – that risk of creating permanent loss of capital. We work diligently to keep this risk at a minimum because let’s face it, no one likes to lose their shirt (or their glasses).

Only when we have a clear view of your guiding principles can we make valuable recommendations that not only allow you to sleep at night, but also live a vibrant and fulfilling life.

Investment Philosophy

We take a business owner approach with our investments. Just like purchasing a practice, you want to ensure it has a solid patient (customer) base, makes more money than it spends and that you can get it a decent price.

You want businesses that are sustainably profitable, have financial capacity, and are reasonably priced.

We don’t take a speculative approach with your money. You worked hard to build your nest egg and deserve to know that the businesses you own are durable – businesses that are difficult to live without, difficult to replicate and difficult to compete with so that they have great market durability. 

Just like in your own business, your investments should pay you a dividend stream for owning them, make their debt payments on time, every time, and reinvest in themselves to keep up with technology and market changes. We believe these basics are really quite simple – yet are rarely used in the investment industry. No smoke and mirrors here.

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Retirement Financial Planning

Retirement planning is really financial freedom planning and who doesn’t want that at every stage of life?

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Estate Planning
& Your Legacy

We offer a thorough estate planning process covering all critical aspects of your life, ensuring that your legacy gets passed on to those most important to you.

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Your Wealth Management Advisor

As your wealth management advisor, we have spent years finding the right specialists who have the expertise in selecting great businesses at great prices. Contact us today and we’ll put you on the path to Peace, Power & Success.

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