Everyone’s got a legacy. What do you want yours to be?

Wealth is so much more than money. And your legacy is a reflection of what has made you truly wealthy.

Have you ever considered what your legacy would look like? For some, this legacy may be financial, for others, it may be a tangible asset such as your business, or a family cottage. Sharing your values with your heirs is another part of your legacy.

The part of your estate that you don’t spend, where would you like it to go? What impact would you like to have on the world?

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Our Estate Planning Process

We offer a thorough estate planning process that covers all critical aspects of your life. It all starts with your family. Who are your decedents? What concerns do you have about them managing a sudden windfall? In-law and out-law issues? These are all important considerations to ensure that your legacy gets passed on to those most important to you.

In the creation of your personalized guide, we take the time to discuss appropriate executor, guardian and trustee selections. The difference between using percentages vs dollar values is addressed. Burial wishes are reviewed. At the end of the process, you will have all key areas addressed and ready for your lawyer to draw up your will, power of attorney and personal directive documents. In addition, you will have identified the need and benefit for any trusts and have reviewed the power of charitable giving.



Family Foundation as Part of Your Legacy Plan

Did you know you can set up a family foundation with as little as $200,000? Family foundations are a great way to pass on your values to your children and grandchildren. Family Foundations provide you the opportunity to share your wealth during your lifetime and for generations to come.

Seeing the impact you can make while bringing your family together for quarterly, biannual or annual meetings to discuss applications and opportunities is a great way to stay contacted and truly build your wealth. We believe wealth is much more than the money in your bank account.

We offer templates for your brochures, grant applications, guidelines, approval letters and decline letters for when the requests just don’t meet your criteria or budget.

Family Foundations bring your family, charities and the values you hold dear into one great legacy piece.

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead protects you, your estate and your family. It doesn’t have to be a somber conversation. We make the uncomfortable easy and even throw in a few laughs along the way.  Contact us today.

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