When should you start planning for retirement? Does it feel too far away as you just started your career? Is it right around the corner? Retirement planning is really financial freedom planning and who doesn’t want that at every stage of life?

Great planning starts with the accumulation phase. Saving is step one to building a future that doesn’t require you to actively work for an income. We take the time to teach you about different account types and how they can work together now, and in the future, to manage taxation and provide flexibility.

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Retirement Planning Flexibility

Why do you need flexibility in your retirement plan?

  1. We don’t know what the future tax system will be. All planning and projection software makes basic assumptions. The most common is based on the current tax system. Yet we’ve all seen it, the Canadian Tax System is crazy complicated and changes are made to it almost annually.
  2. Most people will have different financial needs every year. Some years you might take a bigger trip – like a cruise around the world, other years might see you needing a new vehicle or upgrades to your home or cottage. Retirement living certainly isn’t the same every year – nor do you want it to be!
  3. The financial markets don’t always cooperate. Remember the early days of the COVID-19 global lockdowns and the impact that had on stock markets around the world? If you had to withdraw money from your equity (business ownership) investments you likely would have sustained a permanent loss of capital. This can have unbelievably disastrous effects on your long-term portfolio – known as the sequence of returns risk.

That brings us to the withdrawal strategy. Gone are the days when 4% rules and age to fixed income apply. Remember that one? If you are 65 you need 65% of your portfolio in fixed income. True, this might reduce risk, but given the longer lifespan of Canadians and inflation risk, this strategy is unlikely to provide you with your standard of living through to your long-term care need days. It’s just old thinking.


Our Retirement Income Approach

We use a three-bucket approach to create your retirement income. This approach helps insulate you from those permanent capital losses by using cash to supply stability to fund your lifestyle withdrawals.

When equity markets are down, you don’t need to sell your business investment capital at a loss to maintain your daily expenses. This system ensures that you have enough income deposited to your bank accounts to cover your ongoing costs.

When equities/stocks do well, we sell them and replenish your cash and bond buckets. When stocks are doing poorly, we have the flexibility to sell bonds and buy more stocks. This allows us to continue to utilize the sell high and buy low philosophy even in retirement, so you can continue to benefit from rebounding markets and create a financial future that has the greatest success of keeping up with you.

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Financial Freedom – Who Doesn’t Want That?

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