You’re thinking of starting an optometry practice. First let us say, “Whoa! You’ve got guts.” You are also in for a steep learning curve, sleepless nights, and glorious days.

Our founder, Roxanne Arnal, never started an optometry practice cold, but she did start her financial planning business years ago with only herself as a client. Based on her experience in optometry and starting a business, we know there are definitely some tough growing pains ahead and you need to have the financial fortitude to weather the storm. We’re here to help you make sense of all the moving pieces involved with starting a practice.

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Is It Hard to Start an Optometry Practice?

Do you understand the difference between purchasing and leasing? Is your butt (and your income) covered? How much should you take as salary versus dividends versus reinvesting? We will educate you along the way and ensure that a thorough risk management assessment is completed.

We understand what it means to own a growing business. We grew our optometry practice from one doctor to 2.6 doctors—a full time staff equivalent of 3.5 to 12. Managing is both rewarding and challenging, and we’re here to help guide you as you learn the skills required to manage a thriving optometry practice.

As your personal CFO, we’ll help you answer the questions that keep you up at night and keep you going all day, so you can create the practice of your dreams.

Help with Starting an Optometry Practice

As your personal CFO, we can help you start your new practice. Our assistance includes:

  • Developing and reviewing shareholder agreements.
  • Teaching you best optometric business practices (why don’t they teach us this in school?)
  • Developing and reviewing shareholder agreements.
  • Working closely with your accountant to minimize taxes, manage your money, and reduce your workload when it comes to submitting documentation.
  • Going through the benefits of leasing versus buying and connecting you with leasing experts if that’s what’s best for you.
  • Helping you understand the ins and outs of group benefits, retirement plans and health spending accounts to do what’s right for your business family.
  • Ensuring your insurance is meeting your needs.
  • Doing whatever else you need that’s in our wheelhouse.

Having a personal CFO on hand gives you the freedom to focus on your passion—and your patients—while ensuring that the numbers are working in your best interest.

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With a wealth of experience in optometry and starting new businesses, we can help you with many aspects of your new venture. Contact us today to learn more.

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